Gratuitous Puppy Shots

Friday, April 01, 2011

Life has been pretty hectic the past week, ridiculous amounts of 'real life' things have been filling my mind. This weekend should be fun though - later tonight I am going out with friends celebrating the completion of their Masters projects and on Sunday I have Mother's Day and my little brothers 21st. I can't believe he is going to be so grown up! 

I have a really bad habit of letting Bertie sleep on my bed in the morning, he gets walked before I get up and then comes up to join me for my morning routine. Unfortunately this means he frequently comes up soaking wet from the rain and occasionally covered in mud so he ruins my sheets. Could you say no to this face though?

01 April 2011 4

Too cute, right?

I couldn't resist taking a whole bunch of pictures of the two of us. Both my dogs are getting really old now. Tups is 17 maybe 18, and Bertie is 13 so I figure it is an excuse to take as many photos of them as possible.

01 April 2011 2

01 April 2011 1

01 April 2011 3

There were loads more, but getting a dog to look where you want it to can be pretty difficult, plus I don't want to overload you guys on puppy pics.

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  1. awwww these pictures are darling!!!!

    i'm in love w your hair color too...


  2. sooo cute!
    love your hair color!


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