Monday, April 04, 2011

For those of you who have been around a while you might have noticed my new badge on the side of the blog for Independent Fashion Bloggers. I joined last week in the hope that it would put me in touch with other new bloggers (which it has *waves to all my new friends*) and to get advice on general things that have so far been eluding me, in particular decent outfit photos. 

Ideally I would love to take some beautiful, artistic photos, people like Elizabeth at Delightfully Tacky and Rebecca at The Clothes Horse are huge inspirations of mine. Their photos are always incredibly beautiful, and the scenery, rather than distracting from their outfits, actually makes it all the more beautiful. Unfortunately after long consideration I decided I wasn't quite ready to brave the big wide world yet so instead you have some pictures of me prancing around the inside of my house...

dress 1

dress 2

dress 3

dress 4
Dress: New Look, Cardigan, Belt, Tights & Belt: Primark, Boots: Fabiano Leather

It's a pity really, I live in such a beautiful city but I am too scared of looking like a total idiot to actually go out and take photos on my own. Maybe I just need to make friends with someone awesome who owns a camera, and is willing to follow me around until I get a decent photo... If you know anyone in Edinburgh who wants a crazy fashion/fanfiction addicted friend let me know!

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  1. I only joined IFB recently too =) And I wish I could do amazing outfit photos like those girls do too! I try so hard haha =D I was super worried about going out by myself to do photos too, but I'm not so bad now, although if I see people I tend to pretend I'm taking photos of scenery haha!!

  2. Hey Alice stop worrying Im no fashion expert but I do know you look amazing, I love your stunning firery red hair, looks great against the shades of blue :-)

  3. Alice darling! Your photos are just as lovely as Elizabeth's and Rebecca's. I know how incredibly cliche it is, but we all have our things that work for us.

    On a somewhat related note, your photos of this post remind me of a collection I once was on WeHeartIt. You are a gem, you, and you are gorgeous!

    Amber Rose

  4. You are beautiful! I love your hair. It's rather intensely awesome.


  5. I know just how you feel!! My first photos were taken outside but I was so embaressed, think I'll be sticking to indoor until I've had a bit more practise lol
    My stepmum made the huge cupcake with my younger sisters help, she got a set from a book club to make it and they said it was pretty simple, you will have to post photos if you give it ago


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