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Monday, February 28, 2011

Another day trip today, this time with my old friend David who is down from Aberdeen for the next few days. I cannot believe how busy life is at the moment! We made a couple of stops, in the woods, by the sea and then down to Heriot Watt where I snapped a picture of my friend Sean and the robot he is working on for his Master's degree, he's done all the programming from scratch so it is quite an achievement. 

Yellow vest top: Primark
Skirt: Charity Shop, originally Valley Girl
Green cardigan: Primark
Coat:H&M via Nikki (I need to get a new coat!)
Boots: Fabiano Leather (Edinburgh)
Tights: M&S 
You may or may not have noticed I fiddled around with the layout a little again, just to make the posts a little larger, but it has messed up some of the previous posts layout. I'm going to go back and try and fix it, but there may be some that are a bit funky. Then again, I only just started blogging publicly, so I doubt anyone will be upset. Hopefully this will be the last change.

I might skip the things I am meant to do tomorrow and go on another road trip with David and I am going up to Dundee to have a girly weekend with my friends this weekend so I'm going to be super busy. On the plus side it should mean lots of photos!

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  1. Love your outfits and ideas.


  2. Hi, black opaque tights are a must for the Autumn, winter and spring.

  3. 100 denier Gipsy classic opaque tights fit me perfectly, I am 5' 10'', average build, and I buy XL size.

    M&S tights are suitable for men and women. I am 5' 10'' medium build and male. When I buy M&S opaque tights I buy 'Large' size, which fit me perfectly.



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