Sea Salt & Vinegar

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Coat: H&M via Nikki
Jersey Dress: Primark
Tights: Marks and Spencers
Boots: Barretts

We took a walk down by the shore today, it was so lovely to get some fresh air and be outside the city centre. Unfortunately it was so cold out I couldn't take any type of outfit photo, but I did get a couple of nice shots of my coat, and of my hair. I used a tutorial created by Rebecca from The Clothes Horse - I totally adore her style! If you want to try it yourself you can find it here

I spent last night doing some sewing. My clothing saviour, Nikki, gave me a beautiful high waisted red skirt, unfortunately the shape did nothing for my legs (my least favourite feature of myself) and I despised large gold buttons on it - to be honest I thought they looked cheap. Anyway, I removed the buttons and am currently trying to find replacements, and I have completely changed the hem. 

I didn't take any photos of the process, just because I really wasn't sure it would work, but I will put some up of the final product if it works, hell maybe even if it doesn't, I haven't done any sewing since I was at school so I figure I am going to mess some stuff up before I have any success. 

Hope you all had a good weekend!

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  1. i love your hair, i use rebecca's tutorial too, it's wonderful. your dog is so cute! <3

  2. Thanks so much - he's a little monster really though... Thanks so much for being my first ever comment <3 xoxo


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